How to deal with stress when working from home or remote working

Keeping stress down and flow high when working from home

People have been working at home for years, so why are some people so afraid of it? The problem is that some people are not aware of the right ways to work home.

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Common misconceptions about working from home

The common misconceptions about working from home are as follows:

  1. You work harder when you work from home.
  2. You are less productive when you work from home.
  3. You work better when you are at office than when you are at home.
  4. You cant get anything done if you dont have to leave your house to get to the office.
  5. Working from home will lead you to isolation.
  6. You cant get your work done without the office environment.

These are the myths that scare people of working from home. If you have to work from home, you might try a few of the following tips to make sure you are not creating stress for yourself:

Tips for managing stress when working from home:

  • Make sure to take regular breaks.
  • Work in a comfortable environment.
  • Work on one task at a time.
  • Get dressed and shaved each day.
  • Get in a routine.
  • Take breaks from your work to get away from it for a while.
  • Be on time to work.
  • Find a quiet place to work.
  • Wake up early and get some exercise before work each day.
  • Create a work schedule.
  • Get a smart ring or smart watch and do what it recommends each day
  • Treat yourself to something small after you finish a task.
You always want to work the right amount, not harder than necessary and not too little work. This applies to life at the office or home.  Many people feel guilty working from home and they try to work harder so they don't feel guilty. Don't be like that. You want to work "in the sweet spot" enough to get the work done at a sustainable pace.


Why you need breaks each day, ideally one per hour

The key difference between working in an office and working from home is that there are no co-workers. When you're in an office you have real time, synchronous interactions with your co-workers.

This includes seeing each other regularly, observing each other's body language, and having quick conversations. The lack of that in working from home can bring isolation and loneliness. To fight that, you have to take active steps – you have to force yourself to move. Even a simple trip to the kitchen and back will do.

Comfortable work from home desk

Work in a comfortable environment

Working from home is flexible and has many benefits. However, some people feel disconnected if they dont get to chat with their colleagues or a project manager. It is important to create a good working environment at home to avoid distractions and remain productive.

The first thing to do is to choose a place to work. Some people are in full-time desk jobs and they can work in one place. However, if you work from home, you need to decide where you will sit. It should be a place where you can concentrate and avoid distractions.

The most distracting place to work is in a public space near a kitchen. Here's why, everyone gets food throughout the day so you will be interetupted. You want your own office, even if it's an office you make in the corner of your bedroom.


Be kind to yourself, working from home is hard.  Find a comfortable, quite spot and claim it.  Take regular breaks, work hard, and be awesome!



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