AgileWorks Services

Looking for Scrum Training?  Here are the services we provide:

Registered Scrum Master Training(TM)

This training is a two day training event in order to train and qualify new Scrum Masters.  

Registered Scrum Master Training
This training is for Registered Scrum Master(TM). This course is a two-day training event. Registered Scrum Master is a registered Trademark of Scrum Inc.
Registered Product Owner
Become a Registered Product Owner after the two days of training. Learn to be a product owner for technology. This course is for individuals and teams in IT and technology.
Scrum at Scale
Scrum@Scale is a two day training event to qualify you in Scrum@Scale.
Scrum in nonprofits
Scrum for nonprofits helps Scrum Master and Products owners work in nonprofit.  Agile is helping nonprofits change this world and this two day training is part of the change.  
Scrum in government
The government needs Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and developers in and this two day training helps you train and qualify your teams.  Perfect for the government or government contractors.
Program Management Training
Agile Program management training prepares you for the current digital, agile program management profession. Learn to plan, build, and deploy as a PM.
Executive Action Team (EAT) Training
Team your executive action team (EAT) to effectively remove impediments and lead in this two day training event.
Executive Meta Scrum (EMS) Training
The executive meta scrum (EMS) is the team responsible for strategy, alignment, and vision. Help your eat learn how to build effective strategies and communicate a vision effectively in this two day training event.
Oil and Gas Agile Training and Consulting
Learn how to use agile and Scrum in the energy industry through this two day training event.