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Scrum is a tool to get more done and add more value to any team.  How?  Scrum iteratively builds better products through delivering incremental releases and talking to real customers as you make progress.

Level up your agile and get professional training.

Scrum Master Certification

What does this have to do with your gig rate?


Gigs pay based on your:

  1. qualifications
  2. experience
  3. salesmanship

Qualifications let you earn more from your gigs

Would you pay more to have your dental work done by a dentist?  Yeah, me to.  I'd definitely pay more to have a qualified dentist work in my mouth.  Why?  Because I've got better odds of success with a dentist.  I know they are trained and experienced enough to do the right dental procedure. 

Why are we talking about dentists?  Because it provides a good example of why qualified professionals get paid more, because they are more likely to do good work.

What does a qualification do for you?  Position yourself higher up the value chain as a freelancer.  You start the negotiation from a position of strength.

If someone is looking to hire a Scrum Master, you will be a strong candidate if you are qualified.  This lets you ask for a higher rate. 

Do you see why qualification as a Scrum Master lets you increase your freelancing rate?  

Increase your gig rate with Scrum


Experience is a hard but effective teacher.  It lets you learn pitfals and keys to success.  People who have had a painful failure are unlikely to repeat the failure.  Gig workers who have experience are more likely to be successful because they will know the traps to avoid and key to creating a successful project.

People will pay more for experienced workers and getting your Scrum Master is a way to show you have experience.

Don't just have your Scrum Master completed though, also have some projects you've completed to show your experience.  Experience matters so have your experience on the showroom floor.  Think of the following aspects of your experience:

  • Situation
  • Task
  • Action
  • Result

Present any relevant stories of your experience in that format and you're likely to be picked for a job.


You must be your own biggest advocate in the gig audition and hiring process.  You are selling your services, so, learn to sell.

I know there are incredibly useful sales guides out there, so, let me give you one simple and effective approach: 

Put yourself in your employers shoes.

Imagine you are your employers.  Ask yourself why they are hiring anyone for this work?  What type of worker would they be searching for?  What is their budget?  What schedule pressure are they experiencing?  What is the root of their problem?  What's the risk they face if their project fails.

You'll be amazed how effective it can be if you can understand the pressures and challenges your gig-boss faces.


Get qualified and curate experience stories so you can content for higher priced work and earn more as a freelancer.  Remember to build qualifications that matter, demonstrate relevant experience, and sell your services by understanding you gig-bosses perspective.

Before you go, don't forget to sign up for my free Scrum Crash Course.

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